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Accorded Launches Latest Offering, Accorded Acumen: The Actuarial Data Transformation Platform

Accorded Acumen revolutionizes healthcare actuarial analytics, making it faster and more accessible for all risk-bearing organizations.

[May 10, 2024] – Accorded, Inc., a leader in healthcare actuarial intelligence, proudly unveils its latest offering: Accorded Acumen. Accorded Acumen is an actuarial data transformation platform that helps healthcare companies drive better and faster value-based care (VBC) decisions.

Acumen empowers organizations to perform in-house scalable actuarial and med econ analytics in-house, reducing the need for traditional vendors and external consultants. Acumen transforms claims, eligibility, and engagement data into standardized, actuarially rigorous, and ready-to-use VBC data assets. It integrates directly into data warehouses, streamlining processes and sparing teams from additional data or analytics platform logins and learning curves. Instead of traditional, one-size-fits-all VBC solutions, Acumen embraces flexibility, tailoring to each risk-bearing organization.

"In my 18 years in healthcare, I've witnessed the crucial role actuaries and med econ teams play in the success of risk-bearing organizations. But often these teams struggle with overwhelming workloads, hindering their ability to support business needs. That's why we developed Accorded Acumen, using actuarial expertise and modern data engineering to automate tedious tasks and improve access to actuarial insights. We're eager to tackle this long-standing issue, providing scalable actuarial analytics and empowering healthcare stakeholders to thrive in value-based care."
–Frank Cheung, CEO & Co-Founder, Accorded

By leveraging actuarial science and modern data engineering, Accorded Acumen helps companies:

  • Enter into value-based care contracts confidently with the right insights, at the right time
  • Free engineering teams from building VBC analytics tools, allowing them to focus on core business products
  • Increase the productivity and happiness of actuarial and analytics teams through automation
  • Align teams with the latest actuarial insights, in one place, to optimize efficiency

Acumen integrates with Snowflake, Big Query, Google Cloud Storage Bucket, and AWS S3 Storage Bucket. Other data integrations are available on request. Acumen is fully HIPAA Compliant and SOC 2 Certified.

Accorded Acumen is transforming access to actuarial expertise, healthcare data infrastructure, and analytical capabilities. It sets a new standard for innovation in the healthcare industry so that organizations can confidently approach value-based decision-making. 

Customer Testimonial 

“Aligned Marketplace, the only national value-based advanced primary care network, requires scalable and actuarially rigorous analytics to support our contracts with employers and providers, help us deliver the best experience and outcomes for members, and better inform our internal operations. Accorded has developed its Acumen product line with partners like us in mind. Acumen enables Aligned to share claims data with Accorded securely and directly receive risk stratification and shared savings results in our Snowflake instance. As Acumen's capabilities expand, our existing infrastructure allows us to leverage new and improved insights easily.” 
–Taylor Larsen, Aligned Marketplace

About Aligned Marketplace

Aligned Marketplace is dedicated to increasing America's healthspan. Our vision is to provide 100M+ American employees and their families with an affordable, accessible, and high-quality primary care experience. We offer self-insured employers access to a curated network of value-based, independent advanced primary care across all geographies in the US. By doing so, we aim to enhance healthcare quality, increase health equity, significantly improve patient satisfaction, and reduce overall healthcare costs. To learn more, visit:

About Accorded

Accorded is an actuarial intelligence company that aims to enable a frictionless and sustainable value-based care ecosystem. Our technology combines actuarial science and modern data engineering to transform healthcare data at scale, ensuring that healthcare companies have access to standardized, actuarially rigorous, and ready-to-use VBC data assets. Reach out for a custom demo today.

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